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Why Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed… but mostly Why Blue?

Every bride knows on their special day they are supposed to have “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue”. This is a sort of good luck saying that originated in the Victorian Era. Coming up with original and creative things to wear that fit your theme and each area of the old saying may be somewhat of a challenge. The meaning behind each one: old, new, borrowed, and blue, makes the task to find the perfect ideas for you worth the hunt.

Something Old represents the connection with the bride’s family she came from, most particularly the bride’s mother or grandmother. It is a symbol of continuity.

Something New is meant to bring good luck and success in the life of the bride and in her new marriage. The is symbolic of their new life together. A lot of brides use things they have to buy any ways to cut costs.

Something Borrowed stands for the friends and family of the bride that will be there for her not only on her wedding day but for the rest of her life when she needs help. The piece needs to be borrowed AND returned to the happily married person who lent it to you.

Something blue in the olden times was a symbol of loyalty, purity, and faithfulness. This one can be the most fun to incorporate. Be creative and have fun with this one! The possibilities are endless!

Here are some ideas to get you started on finding the perfect items for you. The rows go in order of Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue!