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What Do Tables and Birthdays Have in Common

One year for my birthday my husband bought me a table saw. That’s right a table saw. It sat in the box it came in the corner of our garage until my daughter got married and was doing some home improvement and I gave it to them. He had delusions of making some moldings for the living room, picture frames, and other things made of wood. He made none of the above.

I returned the favor one year and purchased two table lamps for his birthday. One for the entry table and another for the reading table next to the big brown chair in the TV room. He mustered a smile, said thanks and muttered table lamps? I thought they were perfect for our decor and muttered something about a table saw.

We were even, but I’ve been thinking about some other fabulous gifts for him:

  • Table spoons
  • Table clothes
  • Table manners ( He could use some…)
  • Table legs for the granite table top in the basement
  • Table of contents – I could use a few more novels

Actually we are both up to our necks in tables, rental tables and chairs and loving our new business – Royalty Rentals.  If you need tables and chairs, we will use our best manners to deliver quality, clean and sturdy plastic tables. Just call 480-525-5104 today!