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The first rule in real estate is location, location, location. The rule that lacks in wedding vendors is service, service, service. Let me give you a couple of examples. For our daughter’s wedding, the table and chair rental company came and dropped the table and chairs on the curb; all 15 tables and 150 chairs. I had to ask myself, couldn’t they just have pulled into the driveway that extends to the backyard and dropped them about 120 ft closer to where they were hoping to be set up. No, they had to dump them at the curb. Then on the same day of the wedding, we learned that the photographer who we assigned to do the wedding, would not be able to do the reception. What?

At Royalty Rentals we have service as our main priority. When you’re shopping for rental tables and chairs ask these  questions:

1. Where are you going to deliver the tables?

2. What will it cost to have the tables and chairs set-up and taken down?

Whether you’re holding your party on the 5th floor or in your backyard, at Royalty Rentals we will deliver your chairs where you ask us to. Not only that but we will set-up and take down for FREE. Let Us Serve You!

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