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Wedding Reception Surprises

Seems more and more these days that traditional wedding receptions are less frequent than even a few years ago. With honey moon spots being announced during the reception; to the first dance being interrupted by the wedding party as they choreograph a dance that excites the crowd and causes everyone to break out their IPhone to video the latest moves to be immortalized on Youtube. Recently, an entire wedding party ended up in the pool, tux and all dancing long after the bride and groom had escaped.

You’re creative, what surprises have you seen at the receptions you’ve been to recently. Or, if you could pull just one serious surprise at the next reception you attend what would that be? Share your ideas with our Royalty Rentals blog readers and who knows you may just get the nerve to use one of our rental tables as a slide at the next reception you attend.

Wedding reception lines are boring… throwing the mother of the bride in the pool is refreshing!
Pool Wedding