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Wedding Reception Dessert Stations For Fun!

We have seen all kinds of dessert stations, but in order to understand our experience, you’ll have to read the entire blog because I’ve saved the best for last.

My favorite part of any reception is the desert station. Forget the receiving line (do people even have those anymore) lets get right to dessert. Here are five dessert stations we’ve experienced recently and wanted to share with all of you.

1. Everything Blue Candy – If it is blue, and it’s candy, it was on display in a glass vase or bowl for the picking. Bags were on hand to take home jelly beans, licorice, jolly ranchers, M&M, lolly pops, pixie stix, blue wrapped crunch bars and get this, cotton candy. Everyone left that night with a blue tongue

2. Pie Anyone? – Not only was their every kind of pie on a plate for the discerning pie affection ado, but every guest was thanked for coming by taking a pie home with them. “Pie me to the moon…”

3. I Scream, You Scream,We all Scream For Ice CreamThis themed reception used the couples first date and love for ice cream to treat their guest to the frozen delight. With banana ice cream being their favorite, they mixed in chocolate mint, peach, rocky road, pistachio almond and a raspberry sherbet. They had either cones or bowls with toppin’s galore. A bowl of banana ice cream with vanilla wafers and carmel sauce sounds good about now…

4. Belly up to the Cookie Bar – 20 different home made cookies were displayed on a round tables with tiers to tempt even those watching their waste line. Everything from sugar cookies, mint chocolate chip, peanut blossoms, ranger joes, white chocolate, sugar doodles and coconut macaroons to name a few. Monogrammed plastic bags were available for guests to stock up. Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines would have been proud

This next one is what you’ve been waiting for and a stretch for a dessert station but included because of it’s uniqueness.

5. How about some Jerky Partner? – You got it! This western themed reception in Tucson had so many different kinds of Jerky available for munching (chewing) it was hard to choose. There was Beef Jerky: Regular, Peppered, Teriyaki and Whiskey flavored. Elk, Deer, Turkey, Antelope, Buffalo (Sorry Colorado fans) and get this Alligator! I’m not sure the Alligator is getting an invitation to my daughters reception.

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