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Wedding Pictures | Picking a Photographer

Ever been stuck with someone you hired that didn’t really mesh with your personality and hence couldn’t capture the essence of your needs. Don’t let that happen to you when picking your photographer for your wedding pictures. This simply won’t happen if you follow these key steps.

Step One

Interview each photographer before choosing the one. Have them bring their personality in tow and portfolio of wedding pictures. If they leave either behind end the interview and schedule the next interview. Personality is so important when understanding your needs. An experienced photographer will have more pictures than what is captured on his/hers website. View them, do they capture what you imagined would capture the day.

Step Two

Ensure the photographer you decide on will be the one who will actually take the pictures. Read the contract closely and clarify that the photographer you met with will be there the day of your wedding. Too often with only limited weekends during the wedding season an understudy is sent in place of Rembrandt of whom you expected.

Step Three

Are all the ideas for photo shots coming from you and your future spouse, or does the photographer after meeting with you have a plan on how he would like to capture your wedding pictures. Unless you really like all of the pictures he has in his/hers portfolio, a plan unique to you should be presented and decided upon. One more picture at the park under the oak tree on Main Street and I’ll…

Step Four

Discuss the budget up front and ensure the photographer can stay within budget. Understand exactly what you will be getting and how it will be packaged upon delivery

Step Five

Todays couples are less traditional than their parents. You may want to address with family members, parents, friends, their thoughts on what should be themed, or captured by the photographer, especially if dad is paying for the photographs. This is a thoughtful consideration not a mandate

Step Six

Give your photographer a comprehensive list of guests that you would like to be captured in the photographs. Nothing like leaving out the grooms mother when the proofs come back.

Step Seven

Ask them for references. With references you can check their personality, reliability, attire, planning, budget, flexibility in working with family members and above all…their work

Photographers come a dime a dozen, find one that will give you dozens of quality pictures for a few dimes! Good luck!