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Wedding List | Who Makes The Cut

If two former Prime Minister’s from the U.K. didn’t make the royal cut (Gordon Brown and Tony Blair), I guess you shouldn’t worry about not inviting Ned who lives next door.  And while your at it, wouldn’t you love to not invite Aunt Sue?

Who to Invite To Sissy’s Wedding

Oh how the parent’s of the bride mull and worry about who to invite to the blessed event. It’s natural and even dictated by ettiquette. But just  this once, let’s throw ettiquette out the door. Heck, most people only get married once…or twice. So lets figure out who should be on the invite list and who will not as the knot is tied.

1. Budget – Does budget play a role in the decision; well it does unless your related to the Prince of Wales. So, start with what you can afford and work backwards. If your chapel or site is small; serving dinner and having an open bar, your space and pocket book might both be limited. Do the math and invite accordingly.

2. Family – Friends come and go, but family is always present. If harmony and family peace are valued, ensure everyone from cousin Vinnie to uncle Sal are invited. What’s the saying: “You can choose your friends, but stuck with family” Most of us want to be surrounded by our loved ones and without family would the day really be as special?

The Power of the Gift

1. Large wedding, lot’s of gifts; small wedding , not so many gifts. Remember this important fact: If you have a large wedding and invite the mayor, postman and cashier at the local market, you will spend the rest of your life buying gifts for the mayor, postman and cashier’s family members. I’m bad, and we really shouldn’t be thinking about gifts, but come on, how many crock pots does a newlywed really need?

2. How many of us received the offer from Dad that he would offer the couple thousands of dollars to just elope and forget the pomp? How many Dad’s really meant it?

Bottomline, consider the budget; consider family and friends; and even consider the cashier, this is your wedding and it needs to be perfect for your special day. Do you recall the british actor that plays Mr. Bean? What’s his name? Doesn’t matter because he received an invite to William and Kate’s wedding, while in a snub of major proportions Tony Blair and Gordon Brown munched on T.V. dinners while watching from home.