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Wedding Toast
Toasts to the newlyweds is always a special time during the reception in that they are filled with grattitude, fun and love. I’m sure we have all been to wedding receptions where you cried, said:”Ahh”, or laughed out loud during this traditional exercise. Let’s review some protocol around toasting.

What beverage is used to toast

No rule says one has to use champagne, those watching their budget may want to use cider, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, or ginger ale. Nothing says guests can’t use the drinks that they have in front of them. Remember it is the toast (thoughts and words) that matters most.

Who toasts during the reception

Generally, the best man is the first to toast the bride and groom. I’m sure we’ve seen and heard just about everything. The best man should use good judgement and consider  wedding guests before toasting. The best man is followed by the father of the bride and then the father of the groom. Many receptions open the mike to others who may want to pay tribute to the couple. The toasting is not complete until the bride and groom offer their thanks to their parents and all the guests who have made the day a success