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The Wonderful World of Linens

One great way to really jazz up your event is to add a cloth table linen to your tables. It will add such a nice finished look. Whether you are going for a formal look with the floor length linen or a more casual look with a half drop length the table linen will really make a huge difference.

There are so many different sizes of tables and cloth linens that it is sometimes confusing to know which is the right size and length for the look you are going for. There are hundreds of sizing charts that you can find but a lot of them are hard to understand and switch between metric and american measurement systems. It can turn into a huge mess of numbers.

Royalty Rentals would like to provide to you a break down of linen sizing using the standard table sizes we offer and the standard linen sizes we offer. Of course this will not cover every linen need as some orders are not using standard sizing. This does not include sizing for our toppers, runners and overlays we also offer. Our hope is that this information cuts some of the “I just want a standard size table with a nice linen” confusion.

Table Size — Linen half way to the floor — Linen to the floor
72 inch round — 120 inch round linen — 132 inch round linen
60 inch round — 90 inch round linen — 120 inch round linen
8 foot rectangular — 126in X 60in rec linen — 156in X 90in rec linen
6 foot rectangular — 102in X 60in rec linen — 132in X 90in rec linen

Need a non-standard size or want to get details on linens for bistro tables? Call us today to get more information and a quote for linens for your next event. Mention this blog post when you call and receive 1 linen free with your order of 5 or more linens.