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The Art of Folding

I don’t know about you, but if I never fold clothes again or look for a matching sock I’ll survive. Some say that folding is a lost art, but here at Royalty Rentals, we live to fold!

I have a relative that collects folding knives, he collects small ones, large ones, green ones, ones made of pearls and bones. His collection is so large he had to build on another room to house his folding knives collection. I don’t mind opening and folding his knives shut. I wonder what the difference is between clothes and knives?

My neighbor bought one of those newfangled folding bikes. He can fold into a a briefcase and carry it in to work with with him. He looks real important carrying that folding bike, if people only new what was in his briefcase what would they think? Would they think;  he is healthy, economically smart or the proud owner of a folding bike? Maybe all the above.

My mom has a roll-away folding bed. It collects more dust than that set of encyclopedias next to it in the closet in the hallway. It hasn’t ben used since Johnny planted the apple seeds.

We rent folding chairs and tables. We like unfolding and folding chairs and tables for you. We have white and black resin wedding chairs. We have metal chairs that come with folding chair covers. We have rectangular tables and round tables, short and long tables. In fact, we are running out of room to store our chairs and tables… Is there any way to fold a trailer so we can free up some more space? Food for thought.