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Table and Chair Rentals for a House Warming Party

Last weekend we had a great time providing and setting up tables and chairs for a few different events. A really fun house warming party was going on in Chandler. Eshe had recently purchased a new home and finished decorating it with beautiful wood furniture and amazing art pieces. We had the opportunity to provide her with some tables and chairs to offer her guests as they came to share in her joy of purchasing a new home. After setting up, we snapped a couple of shots of her family and the feast they had prepared.

House Warming PartyThen we took a snap shot of the backyard with tables and chairs set up. The sun was about to go down and it kind of ruined the picture but it looked great! Can’t go wrong with tiki torches and some good home warming party backyardAs we were busy setting up for Eshe’s house warming party, our neighbor was living it up on the most important day of his life while his family worked and worked to prepare for the after party. Andy got married in the morning and a reception was held in he and his wife’s honor that evening at a local church. We were fortunate enough to be able to provide the decorator with some beautiful white resin chairs for the event. The reception was a total blast and the decorations were spectacular. After downing a couple pieces of cake, I stole some pics to put on the blog.Cultural Hall Wedding ReceptionThey had a really classy looking wedding cake and a beautifully decorated table and backdrop added to the “royalness” of it all.Cultural Hall Wedding CakeAll in all it was a great weekend. These were some of the highlights but as always, we loved all of the events we were able to cater to. Thanks to all of our royal customers who make it all possible. Check back next week for more pictures and memories.