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Safe Party Ideas For Teenagers

Who says there has to be loud music and under aged drinking going on for our teenagers to have fun! We say: “Party on!” With reality TV being all the rage, just take your cues from the producers of Hollywood. Here are 5 ideas that even the most discerning teenager will consider:

1. Survivor Backyard – With everything you need in your backyard create challenges (puzzles, obstacle course, clues, events with balls, balancing acts, etc.) and have teams or everyone compete against everyone. With simple planning of events and elimination rounds the excitement will build while everyone anticipates who will be the ultimate survivor. Don’t forget the reward challenges and have some fun prizes for winners of these challenges. Start thinking now how you can create an immnunity challenge and have the best party this summer or fall.

2. Neighborhood Idol – Breakout that ole singing machine or rent a sound system and create your own Idol showcase that will attract anyone and everyone who ever dreamed of a career in Nashville. With advanced planning, invitations can go out to all those invited to come prepared to sing their hearts out. You can have awards for most talented, to best love songs, and one in need of singing lessons. It’s all fun and a chance for Tommy to break out his Elvis custome and come and rock the jail house. Those that don’t want to sing can come dressed as their favorite artist.

3. So You Think You Can Shake-A-Leg? – Combine a dance contest with invitations to couples to come prepared to do a cha cha or watch Bobby and Sissy hip hop their way into fame. The contest can be only half the fun as you crank up the stereo and play Dance Revolution. Cap the night with using the porch as a dance floor and teach everyone line dance, or if you’re brave enough, invite a caller to come and do a little square dancing. I promise if you can get them to square dance that will be the favorite thing they do all night. It’s just getting them to do it!

4. Hawaii Five – 0 Party – Don’t let on, but this is just a Luau in disguise complete with hula skirts, Tommy Bahama shirts and puka shells and beads around everyones neck. Roast the fatted pig, have some virgin pina coladas and crank up the music Dano! Dust off the neighbors Tiki lamps and teach everyone to hula and slap dance. Their are great instructional videos at your local library.

5. Friday Night Football Glee Party – The game is over, the home team has won and everyone is excited and there is nothing quite like a post celebration after the big game. Decorate the house in school colors, make a cake the shape of the team mascot and celebrate. Dance, listen to music; heck even invite the cheer leaders to do a cheer! I don’t know about you, but I would rather have Junior at home on Friday night than any other place. If you serve good food, they will come.