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Royalty Rentals Journal Entry #4

This week Kylie had to run Royalty Rentals by herself as Nancy and Joe were either out of town or unavailable. That means, answer the phone, take orders, deliver tables and chairs, pick up and send thank you notes to our royal customers. So she did the best thing possible and that was elicit the support of Tessa. Together they delivered our largest order to date. You go girls!

When returning back to the warehouse, after backing up the trailer, they found it easier to unhook the trailer and back it in by hand. The temperature was only 111 degrees. Kylie, equipped with gloves was ready to backup the trailer, Tessa with bare hands learned that aluminum trailers get very hot in the baking sun. Fortunately, Kylie had an oven mitten and a pot holder in the back of the truck. After dawning the kitchen attire the women pushed the trailer up the ramp and into place.

Gloves on order and the mitten has returned to the kitchen!