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Royalty Rental Journal Entry #8

Hot Sun

Don’t you love it when someone thinks they’ve hung up, but their cell phone is still engaged and the conversation continues long after they think they’ve  hung up. Picture this: The temperature is 114 degrees in Phoeninx (not lying it’s that hot). That is the temperature at the airport so the real temperature is probably a few degrees hotter on some black top, on the inside of a black lined bed of a truck.

Nancy, Kylie and Tessa are moving 100 white resin chairs while Heeder is nowhere to be found. I call Nancy and she says that she can’t talk because they are in the middle of a delivery and it’s 114 degrees outside. I understand and hang up immediately enjoying the comforts of the air conditioned office I am meeting in. Well the phone doesn’t hang up when I hear Nancy state that she should change the name of Royalty Rentals to Royalty Sweat Shop and Chairs.

Like the mailman and pony express, Royalty Rentals delivers when you need it, where you want it and wants to meet your highest expectations.  All I can say is: “honey, start early and continue to hydrate yourself through out the day as these next few weekends are going to be busy and hot!”  Can someone turn the air up, it’s a little chilly in here?