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Planning a Surprise Birthday Party?

Surprise Party
Shh, and don’t tell him we are surprising him for his birthday. The biggest chore of all prior to the party is keeping it a secret. Nothing worse than little Sally, all 7 years of her spilling the beans two weeks prior to surprising dad. You may want to guard closely who knows and the timing of your invites to all guests. Read on for more tips on planning the surprise event of the year:

1. Who has responsibility for occupying the guest of honor, in this case dad

2. Don’t allow the guest of honor to arrive early, this could spoil the surprise. Kinda like a terd in the punch bowl

3. Sometimes dates that are different than the actual birthday work best for the ultimate surprise

4. Clearly plan for the menu, entertainment and fun after yelling surprise. The yelling of surprise should be one of many climaxes during the party. Without planning, your wondering who was in charge of ice, tables and chairs, appetizers and the fun

5. Family, friends, neighbors all want to help, get them involved

6. Make sure everyone knows this is a surprise party and to keep it a secret. Basic tip, but much needed element for the unsuspecting

7. Theme: Are you going to decorate based on a theme for the party?

8. Parking, no brainer… hide grandpa’s car

Most of us do or do not like surprises, that covers everyone. Planning the perfect surprise party takes just that, a PLAN. Have fun and let us know how your surprise party goes!