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Piano Recital Chair Rentals

Piano Recital
I’m in the den and Nancy is at the piano and I’m thinking to myself how wonderful it is that she has developed this talent on the piano and can entertain not only the family but herself. Not only is she dedicated to studying the piano but enjoys playing for family, friends and church while teaching piano to about 25 students each week. The other day we got up to hike at 5am and she was up late the evening before accompanying a young man on his cello. His mom showed up to hike with us and there the two of them were at 5am sharing what they had practiced the night before with her.

Nancy has decided that for her next student piano recital, she is going to take some of our rental chairs (Black Resin), rent a grand piano and hold the recital outdoors either at the park or on a mountainside somewhere. I think it is a great idea and Royalty Rentals looks forward to supporting that event. Who knows, she may be teaching the next Handel or Mozart?

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