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Party Games | Baby Showers

The invitations have been sent out, hence the date for the Baby Shower is set, now the planning begins. Food choices and decorations  are easy, it’s the party games and keeping people engaged that makes for a great Baby Shower. Include some of these game ideas and throw the best baby shower ever.

What’s in the Baby Diaper?

 – Hand out diapers with baby items in them; pass them around and have people write down what they believe is in the diaper. Don’t make it so easy that everyone gets the right answer. Consider these items: A Baby Bottle, Binkie, Rattle, Teething Ring, Can of Baby Food, pair of Baby Socks, etc

Build a Stork

– Prior to the party have Bob the handy man use a jigsaw to cut out a stork with baby in blanket out of  plywood and grab some pink, blue, white, black and yellow paint to customize a yard stork for the honored mother. You’ll need a 2 x 2 board 6 ft long and a rectangular piece of plywood for the announcement.

Play Dough Game

– Give everyone a can of clay and let them have on opportunity to sculpt the mom to be. You talk about laughs, wait until you see some of the sculptures your guest come up with. Thank goodnes the baby won’t look as bad as the sculpture.

Myths and Facts |True and False Questions –

Go to WebMD and look up some pregnancy and bithing facts and create a list of questions that can be judged as true or false. We will find out how much the grandmas in attendance really know about this subject. Just for fun, count how many times you hear: “I didn’t know that”

Lastly, if one or all of these ideas fail you or don’t strike a chord, just go to Red Box and rent Three Men and a Baby and serve chocalate and dill pickles. Everyone will have a great time.