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Official Officiants (Clergy) Costs – Weddings

Weddings are big business and most come with a budget. When my friend was recently married he was surprised at the costs associated with a church wedding. He hollered: “Aren’t the pews all ready paid for?” He didn’t want to build a new church, he just wanted to get married. His idea of celebrating the day was more the reception than spending his offerings on a church wedding package.

Wedding OfficiantTypical costs with Officiants, better known as clergy can range from $300 to $400 dollars or more. This includes the get-to-know-you meeting. Shouldn’t we already know the minister? Followed by two or three planning sessions. My friend bellowed: “if it takes more than one session to plan the I do’s, then I don’t”. Some clergy even charge a little extra for the rehearsal.

Bride and grooms on a budget might wish to have a friend or relative get ordained online for free and perform the ceremony at no charge. Yes, it actually does happen.

If you’re on a really tight budget you may just be inclined to even forego the Officiant and the associated costs! $50 dollars and the Justice of the Peace can get the job done and then you can save some money for those tables and chairs with just the right linen to make your day special.