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Job Opening (Delivery Driver/Crewman)

Position Summary:

Royalty Rentals Drivers and Crewman play an essential role in helping the company fulfill its overall objective. In the rental industry, quality matters and we believe that extends beyond just the equipment we provide. Our drivers and crewman help Royalty Rentals provide a complete and memorable experience for our client’s events by:

  • Being overly punctual both in the warehouse and to on-site deliveries
  • Working quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality
  • Setting up equipment (tables, chairs, dance floors, tents…etc.) and obtaining a deep knowledge of the equipment and it’s uses.
  • Speaking with customers on-site and providing outstanding customer service

Success Criteria:
Drivers and Crewman will be measured on their ability to:

  • Learn quickly the various methods of moving, transporting and installing various equipment
  • Deliver equipment in a timely manner and meet customer expectations
  • Develop improved methods of performing various warehouse and delivery tasks
  • Work hard while maintaining a positive and cheerful attitude even after working long hours

Historical metrics will be used to measure overall employee effectiveness and success

Experience and Qualifications:
Candidate must be detail oriented and have a desire to constantly improve. They should possess great people skills; customer service and effective communication skills are a must. They should have a friendly and courteous disposition.

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience in towing and backing up a trailer
  • Customer service experience

Reports To:
Warehouse Manager

compensation: $12-$15/hr Negotiable