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Hunting for Chairs and Tables

When most people call us they are looking for the best deal they can get on renting tables and chairs. Everybody wants a deal and we want to give everyone a good deal. That’s why we are always on the prowl ourselves for good deals. Our qualified buyers are constantly scouring the Internet and other sources for increasing our inventory of quality rentals.

Today at 6am in the morning we struck gold. We found a gentlemen that had purchased chairs and tables from a rental company going out of business and had the equipment for about a week when we heard he was looking to resale the chairs and tables he purchased. What does this mean to you? This enables us to purchase quality chairs and tables at a reduced cost and pass the savings on to you by running special deals like our 10% off summer rates. Or, charge less on our delivery fees. Compare our delivery fees to the competition and we will beat them 99% of the time. It is frustrating when you are expected to pay more for the delivery fee than the rental equipment. That’s why we got in this business.

Combine this with our FREE SET-UP and TAKE DOWN and you have Royalty Rentals, Let Us Serve You!

No matter what the competition is pitching you, call us and we’ll beat their bid.