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House Party Ideas | Fun Fun Fun

You know you want to do it, you’ve been thinking about it for quite some time, so go a head and do it. You have no idea what I’m talking about, sure you do… it’s throw the house party that your neighbor won’t and have gobs of fun! Everybody serves hordeourves, has drinks and socializes, but you, you dream bigger, funnier and different. Let me help you with what your thinking in terms of the house party that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Ideas for the Ultimate House Party

1. Ugly Sweater Party – Invite everyone to wear their ugliest sweater and party. Guarenteed to carry the conversation throughout the night. A trip to Goodwill will ensure you have the ugliest sweater

2. Neck Tie Party – While at Goodwill, ask them for a necktie bag. They generally sell the bag for about $25 and you get hundreds of ties that nobody bought off the store front. You can’t imagine the fun when you dump the tie bag in the middle of the floor and ask your guests to model and story tell about the multiple ties found

3. Elvis Party – Thank you, thank you very much! It’s great when eveyone comes dressed like Elvis. Will you be the young Elvis shakin’ his leg, or the Elvis busting out of the seems in his white polyester uniform (Have plenty of dessert on hand). Hand out awards for the best set of burns, gyrations, lip curl, and glasses! Wise men say: Throw an Elvis Party”

4. Backyard Olympics in Pairs – Use your backyard for cryin’ out loud and create some challenges that are done in pairs. Have everyone take off one shoe, place in a pile and then distrubute the shoe to your guests. They find the owner of the shoe and that is their partner for that event. Re-pile the shoes and redistribute for the next event. Great for mixing and helping your guest meet and make new friends

5. Fill Your House with Music Party – Do you have a college or university close to your home? If so call the music department and invite some of their band members to come and perform and talk about the history of their instruments. Do you know who invented the tuba? Neither do I. How many rooms to you have in your house? Invite that many performers with instruments and enjoy your home being filled with music. I’m sure the band members will have fun and a donation to the music department would be nice.

Whatever type of house party that you decide to throw, be sure to be properly prepared with enough tables and chairs to seat and feed all of your guests. Give Royalty Rentals a call today to rent tables and chairs in Arizona.