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Get Ready for Valentines Day!

It is officially February, the month of hearts, candy, and flowers! It is time to get creative and celebrate with the ones we love. What better way to show your friends and family you love them then by having a Valentines Day Party!

Chocolate Tasting Party. [explanation of why this party would be awesome is not really needed but I’ll give one anyways] There are so many fun ideas on chocolate tasting parties. Invites can be delivered on chocolate bars to really put your guests in the chocolate spirit and to emphasize your theme. Set up chocolate fountains, candy bars, homemade fudge, chocolate covered strawberries (the list goes on and on) on bistro tables and let your guests wander about tasting the chocolate and enjoying conversations. Don’t forget to get a bistro table for drinks as well, all that chocolate makes people thirsty.

Office Valentines Day Party. Show your co-workers or employees how appreciated they are by throwing a Valentines Party during or after work. You can go big by having a nice lunch/dinner at the office catered, or simple like Decorations on desks, candy all around, balloons and flowers really brightened the atmosphere.

Affair of the Heart Party. Decorate your house with hearts. Everywhere. Invites can be sent on heart cut out paper. You can make your food into heart shapes. Ask everyone to bring a heart themed gift and have a gift exchange (funny or serious). Give out heart themes party favors. The ideas are endless just enjoy being with the ones you love.

If you want to show cupid who is boss, have a Celebrate the Single Life Party on Valentines Day. Get together with your single friends and enjoy being together and loving the single life. Have a dinner and dessert without a single heart in site. There are a lot of sub themes with this style of party for example: As Single As I Wanna Be, I’d rather be in debt then in love (shopping theme), Matchmaker-Matchmaker theme. Get creative and go all out!

What parties have been successful that you are thrown for Valentines Day? Any fun ideas we are missing?