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Fourth of July Party Ideas for Kids

•Have the kids decorate their bikes or wagons with tape, streamers, balloons, ribbons, or even blue and red soda cans tied to the back with string.

•Set out colored chalk and invite kids to draw sidewalk murals. They might try their hand at sketching colorful fireworks or a giant American flag. If you have a sunny, dry July, your sidewalk show of patriotism could keep the spirit of the Fourth alive for weeks.

•Use newspaper to make firecracker hats or posterboard to make Uncle Sam hats.

•Have the kids strike up a minuteman marching band featuring oatmeal-container drums, paper towel fifes and kazoos.

•Make a batch of red, white and blue twirlers–perfect for hanging from the front porch.

•Decorate a batch of star-spangled tees for parade-goers to wear.

•Set out red, white and blue face paints and let older kids paint stars and stripes on the younger ones’ faces.

And of course set up some tables and chairs and barbeque some delicious hot dogs and burgers. Make your own buns using blue and red food coloring for a patriotic twist.