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FALL in love!


Every time this season rolls around I am reminded of how much I wanted to have a fall wedding. I would post on my Pinterest photos and ideas from this cuddly season. I wanted to share a few with you all! I love the red tones, that can really make a bride pop in her stunning white. Not to mention there if you are from the East Coast, the nature made gorgeous back drop, now Arizona doesn’t get to indulge in that luxury! Check out this New Hampshire wedding, nature is beautiful!



How unique was it that this bride used maple leave from her backyard in her wedding! I am in shock, how simple and cost efficient! Also a little tip, pumpkins bring that pop of color that you sometimes use flowers for. The upside is pumpkins typically range from $5- $30 depending on size, and some flower options will be more costly. I hope these ideas help you all out!

Love and Leaves