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Escape Into a 1950s Wedding Reception

And cue the music! “Dream a Little Dream of Me” by The Mama’s and the Papa’s begins to play as Bride and Groom step out onto the dance floor. From the lightbulb ceiling overhead, to the sound of Frank Sonatra floating through the air, it was as if the years had been rolled back for Sara and Will’s picture perfect wedding reception. The Bride wore a beautiful 1950s vintage  inspired wedding gown, with antique-styled handcrafted jewlery. Her bouquet was made from authentic 1960’s metal flower pins, which she assembled herself. The groom wore a black tux, adorning a pearl and feather boutonniere. The bridesmaids’ bouquets were also fashioned with large pearls and daises meant to mirror the Bride’s bouquet.

It was as if wedding guests had been invited to step into a Mid-20th Century dream! A 1940’s Packard car greeted the loved ones as they entered the outdoor venue.  A Candy Shoppe was constructed and colorful treats were served from a variety of vintage glassware. The wedding cake was frosted with aqua and cream colored icing. The cake topper was a handcrafted design made uniquely for the Bride and Groom. Sara and Will’s reception was a beautiful fun-filled affair, with nothing short of 1940’s classic car and pearl earrings.

Dress: Lipstick Whisky

Photographer: Sierra Studios

Flowers: Lighthouse Flowers

Cake: Lynette Bayless

Bride and Groom : The House of Shoes