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Engagement Parties | To be or Not to be

Engagement Party
I guess the question every couple has to ask themselves is the engagement party a necessity?  Let’s take a look at what’s involved in throwing an engagement party and then you can answer the question: To be, or not to be…

Who’s Responsibility Is It To Host The Engagement Party

The rules say that the bride’s family is responsible for hosting the party, but given todays economy this can be a modest affair with immediate family members to a major gala notifying the county of the wonderful announcement. Often, the grooms family will help defer the costs by hosting the bar or picking up any room or rental charges. Generally, the brides family will volunteer to host the party since the wedding can be a major expense.

Modest Engagement Parties Are Best

Quite frequently, what doesn’t intend to be a party turns into a party when the couple announces their engagement during a backyard barbeque or during a sunday meal with extended family. How intimate you want your announcement to be will help dictate your decision on the number of people present. Since this can be a surprise or well anticipated , expect tears of joy to flow and hugs all around.

Activites During the Engagement Party

  • The Announcement – How will you do it?
  • The unveiling of the ring
  • The Toast
  • History of how the couple met, fell in love
  • Do tell how you proposed
  • Inviting the wedding party to participate in the wedding
  • Announcing the date and location of the wedding
  • Ensuring the parents have met the groom (just teasing)

Responsibilities of Those That Attend the Engagement Party

This is a time to rejoice and celebrate the announcement of the betrothed. Invitees are not expected to bring a gift. Some may bring a gift to celebrate the occasion, but it is certainly not expected do to the fact that the timing of such parties are well before couples have registered etc. Some attendees will bring a small gift to comemorate the occasion and have purchased:

  • Gifts certicficates for a romantic night of dining
  • Matching clothing (sweaters) to celebrate and remind the couple of the engagement
  • Mothers might give a special gift handed down from generations past

All in all, this is a night to remember and one that should be tailored to the couple and their desires.  To be, or not to be is at the descretion of the couple.