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Class Reunions and Toupees

We all tell ourselves we won’t do it, but then when the week before your reunion rolls around there you are power dieting, buying a girdle, or breaking into the piggy bank to buy a new car and maybe worst of all dusting off the toupee or pushing your receeding hairline forward. My daddy taught me this principle a long time ago:  “ain’t nobody looking at you”.

Babs is no longer Babs

Believe me, ain’t nobody looking at you. That cold sore that pops up the week before the reunion, and is in all its splendid glory is the last thing your classmates are worried about. Heck, they are to busy keeping their tummy sucked in to notice the wrinkles under your eyes. Heck again, Babs the cheer leader is dressed in all black and stands with one foot forward to give the appearance that she hasn’t gained 65 lbs. Go Babs go!

Tranquilo (Spanish Class) 

Mellow out people, we have all gotten older and saggier (with the exception of Bart and Betty that are obsessed with liposunction and running 8 marathons a year). So, lets come to the reunion to have fun, renew friendships and enjoy ourselves to the fullest extent.

Tips for enjoying youself during your class reunion:

1. Be yourself. Leave your fake Guchi bag at home

2. Arrive early to functions and greet everyone who comes with a smile and hand shake

3. Seek out that person who was rude to you during your school years and make them feel good about themselves

4. Call your favorite teacher or two and invite them to come

5. Remember, the event lasts two days and mind your beautiful self

6. Dance with everyone, sing with everyone, and toast to everyone

7. Bring past and current pictures to share

8. Leave your Hair Club for Men Membership Card at home