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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal Shower

Showers are part of the whole wedding experience and an opportunity to “shower” the bride to be with the perfect gift.

Questions to ask yourself before purchasing a gift:

1. Is there a theme: Kitchen, bedroom, lingerie, vacation etc

2. Think in terms of personal, and focus on the bride to be.

3. Anything to pamper the bride before her big day is much appreciated. Consider manicures, perfume, massage, chocolate or a gift certificate

4. Go in with others and purchase a basket full of everything for the kitchen or even some household tools that the bride will know exactly where they are. Pens, notepads, stamps, all those things that come in handy next to the computer.

You may want to help with the food or refreshments and have insight into what the bride will appreciate for her special day. Have fun and enjoy!