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Birthday Ideas – Bowling Party

Does the stress of having to plan the perfect, creative, and unique party for your child’s birthday take away from some of the excitement and happiness of your child’s big day? Well take a breath, because we’ve got some exciting themes and ideas for you for your son or daughter’s next birthday party! Today’s party theme: Bowling Party

Bowling Birthday Party:

-Welcome to (Childs’s Name) Bowling Alley sign
-Balloons with fingers holes drawn on with marker to look like bowling balls
-Cut out bowling pins from paper and hang on walls
-Actual bowling balls, shoes, bags etc can be used as centerpieces on the tables

Party Activities:
-Purchase inexpensive shirts, and write each guests name on the left shoulder of a shirt and the child’s bowling team name across the back. The kids can wear them at the party during the rest of the fun!
-Serve the meal in a concession stand style over the counter with a “server” to take their order and hand out the food. Serve foods commonly seen at bowling alleys like pizza, hot dogs, popcorn and french fries. A menu can also be created and posted if you want.
-Bowl in the yard with pins and bowling balls. You can pick some up pretty cheap at most store with kids games or party stores. **You can also take the kids to a bowling alley to bowl if space is limited to play at home

-Making a cake shaped like a bowling ball is easier then it sounds. Pour the cake batter into a greased, oven proof, 2 ½ quart bowl, and bake. Let it cool and turn the bowl over and drop the cake onto the serving plate out of the bowl. Cut out the 3 finger holes, and put tea light candles in the 3 holes. Frost the cake in your child’s favorite frosting. You can add your child’s name using decorator icing or edible letters you can buy at the store.

Once the guest’s arrive, everyone changes into their bowling pre-made shirt, they all eat their meal, bowl in the yard, eat cake, and open gifts time will have flown by and your child will have had a birthday party to remember!