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Best Seat (Chair) in the House

About a month ago our families received a very generous offer from some of our dear friends to attend a Diamondback game. We all wanted to attend but do to circumstances only a few members of the family could go. Sad day that we all couldn’t go because the offer was for the best seat in the house: The swimming pool out in right center field. It’s not everyday one gets invited to sit in the best seat at Chase field. Why during the game we even had a home run hit into the pool while Kylie and Joe were enjoying a dip. Unfortunately they weren’t able to retrieve the ball.

The best seat in the house is a common phrase used at games, opera houses, concerts etc. That chair generally comes with a significant price, one pays extra for the privilege of sitting on the front row. At Royalty Rentals you can rent the best wedding chairs and tables for a nominal fee. If you pay cash during the summer we will give you a 10% discount. That may be the only thing better than seats at Chase Field in the swimming pool. Call us today for your next wedding event at 480-525-5104