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Baby Shower Chair Rentals… One of Our Favorites

Two weeks ago we rented white resin chairs to a cute young couple throwing a baby shower for a relative. When we arrived, the air was full of eagerness and excitement… not to mention sweet aromas from Lauren and her mother’s cooking up a feast to serve to their guests. We unloaded the chairs and since they weren’t ready to set them up quite yet, we just stayed to chat for a bit before moving on to our next delivery.

Everything went as planned and we arrived later that evening to pick up the chairs. They were so happy with the way the party turned out and seemed to be very happy with the chairs as well. We stayed and chatted for a while and then they busted out the camera to show us the pictures of the party. GORGEOUS!! The entire room was already filled with the cleanest vintage white furniture (coffee tables, end tables, TV stand…etc) and the white resin chairs really polished off the look and feel of this wonderful occasion.

Neal and Lauren were kind enough to send us some of the pictures of their setup so we could show them off. We hope you will enjoy these as much as we did and maybe they’ll even spark some ideas for your next party.

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