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A Spunky Backyard Wedding

There is something so charming and personal about backyard weddings! For Bride and Groom, Tatum and Collin their wedding was a dream come true. They chose to celebrate their wedding in the backyard of Tatum’s childhood home.

It was an afternoon affair. Tatum and Collin chose bright, spunky colors, yellow and orange, to bring to their reception a splash of personality. The Bride and Groom envisioned their reception being an event where friends and family would come to mingle, enjoy, and eat ice cream! The couple constructed a handmade ice cream stand where the guests could frequent as often as their taste for ice cream would permit.

Upon entering the celebration, guests were greeted with brightly colored buttons. Each button had a characteristic of the bride or groom printed on it. The guests where then instructed to select a button that  represented something they had in common with the bride and groom, and wear it throughout the evening. You’ll almost feel apart of the wedding as you sift through this couple’s pictures. They’re full of pure delight!

Wedding Dress: Allyse’s Bridal

Flowers: Lighthouse Flowers

Cake: Cathy’s Rum Cakes

Photography: Michele Flamm Photography