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A Pinata Story

Donkey PinataI remember as a young girl waiting in line for my turn to take a swing at the donkey pinata my sister had for her birthday. I knew if I could just make it to the front of the line that it would be me to inflict a serious wound on that donkey and out would come enough candy to feed half of Phoenix. The broom stick we were using was just the right size and seemed to be just the right weight for the party of 10 year olds and me being 8 could easily knock that pinata sky-west and crooked. I chuckled to myself as those before me missed horribly as my father raised the pinata just out of their reach as they swung with all their might.

Spanish Newspaper

I was two people from getting my turn when the birthday girl was blind folded and given the broom stick. I just new from those that had gone before her that she would probably just end up missing the donkey like they did. Only this time my dad quit moving the donky pinata and it sat there, not swinging, about belly button level to my sister and she reared back and gave that donkey a smack that almost sent it into next week. The tail and the one of the hind legs came off. I scrambled to fetch the piece of donkey and was smashed under a pile of 10 year olds. I did get a piece of the donkey but the leg had no candy in it, but I remember seeing what looked like a spanish newspaper with words I didn’t understand.

Full Size Candy Bars

As the pile was unfolding someone stepped on my hair and I started to cry and made a bigger deal out of the event than I should have. With tears in my eyes I watched as my sister was given one more turn and she knocked the stuffing (candy) out of that pinata and again it was a free for all. Mom didn’t go cheap on the candy, she stuffed the donkey with full size candy bars and I got a Big Hunk, forgot about being stepped on and revelled in my sisters triumph. I was bound and determined that for my birthday we would have another pinata and I would be first in line. Funny how time passes and I forgot about pinatas and took several of my friends bowling for my next birthday.

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