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A Happily Ever After

Everyone knows, when a couple gets engaged there is more often then not, a diamond involved. It is a big part of the beginning of a couples journey together. What everyone may not know, is that the 60th wedding anniversary is the Diamond anniversary. The word Diamond originates from the Greek word for unconquerable.

Here at Royalty Rentals, we were lucky to work with the daughter of an unconquerable couple, who were celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary. The party was up in Globe, Arizona. The color scheme was white, silver, and pink. The details of the decorations for this event are what made it so beautiful. The daughter that we worked with made all the silver bows on the chairs and tables and flower arrangement center pieces by hand. The time and effort put in to planning this celebration really showed once everything was put together! Congratulations to the happy couple! What a great example of happily ever after…