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50th Wedding Anniversary | Lalu and Grandfather

The year was 1976 and we were about to celebrate Lalu and Grandfather’s 50 years of wedding bliss. Exiting our home we were headed to the car when my brother used the garden hose to soak everyone in their Sunday best. My mom herded us back into the house, got us changed and off we drove to Phoenix. My littlest sister had been complaining about a sour stomach since she woke up and slept the whole way from Tucson to Phoenix. When we pulled in the church parking lot where the anniversary was to be held she raised her head and relieved her sour stomach in the seat pocket behind the drivers seat. We were there, couldn’t she have just held it until the door opened. My dad spent the next hour at a convenience store buying supplies and at a car wash trying to clean up the ol’ 1969 Lincoln. To be honest, that car was never quite the same, but my sister felt a whole lot better.

I remember being 16 years old at the time and feeling like a baby dinosaur at this gathering of prehistoric ancestors who came from far and wide to celebrate with Lalu and Grandfather. I’ve never been told so many times that I look exactly like my father and that there is a hint of Lalu in my eyes. I loved Lalu and enjoyed watching her on her special day. She needed some one to boss; and Grandfather needed someone to boss him so the day was a success. She shouted out orders and everyone in attendance fell in line for the buffet, pictures and slide show. Did I mention the slide show? All 1 hour and 45 minute slide show.

Then it was time for pictures. We took pictures of every combination of family and friends possible. My favorite was Grandfather, my dad, my brother and me and his son. We ranged in ages 2 to 78. We were men, of royal heritage I was told by Lalu. The least favorite of all pictures was the group shot. Getting 150 plus people together is no easy task. The photographer lost his cool a couple times as did uncle Stanley. I thought they we going to take it out in the parking lot until Lalu stepped in and told Stanley to zip it. He was so mad his toupee was shifting toward his left ear and exposed his own hair about 3 shades different in color. Some one from the back yelled: “Hairy, fix your mop” Stanley exited and this delayed the group picture until Lalu could coax him out of the bathroom.

It was amazing to hear the stories, and see the love that everyone had for my grandparents. 50 years at the time seemed like such along time and now that I am plus 51 years old and going on 26 years of marriage myself it will be interesting to see if we make it God willing to 50 years and that golden anniversary.

On a side note, my dad did the best he could in cleaning the Lincoln, but we still made the trek home with the windows down. Again, the ol’ Lincoln was never the same after Lalu and Grandfather’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.