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5 Ideas to Personalize Your Big Day

The success of a well planned party is in the details. The details are what make your party so personal! No matter what the event or occasion, its the little things that make your party fun to attend… and plan.

Here are 5 fresh ideas – you may not have thought of – to personalize your big day.

1. Creative Envelop Addressing


Delight your guests from the moment they open their mailbox!

At Royalty Rentals we offer personalized letter addressing.

2. Creative Sign-in

baby shower sing in

globe sign in

From birthday parties to baby showers to weddings, a creative sign-in can help you remember your special day for years to come.

At Royalty Rentals we can help you create a sing-in personal and exclusive to your big day.

3. Signature Snack


heart pie


Do you or your loved one have a favorite treat? Share it with your guests! A “Signature Snack” allows your guests to get to know you better through your taste pallet.

4. Photo Display

picture 2

 Create a darling picture display featuring you or your loved one.

Allow Royalty Rentals to help make it personal to you!

5. Bind Your Cards

wedding card book 2

wedding card book

After your event is over collect all the congratulations, gift, and best wishes cards given to you by your guests. Bind them together in a book where you can keep them forever.

Royalty Rentals can help! Ask for our event designer.