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4th of July Hike

Got up at 4:45am this morning to hike with friends and the dogs. Soy boy, his mom Shelly, Drogba-the beagle and Isabelle the terrier. We hiked San Tan Mountain, just south of Chandler off the Hunt Hwy. It was about 80 degrees and we went off trail to get a interval work out going up and down the crest of the mountain. We ran across a gentlemen who had found a desert tortoise and asked if we were interested in seeing it. Soy boy and the dogs hiked down a canyon for a glimpse first hand. It was medium sized and was stuck between a rock and hard place. He is fortunate that the hiker found him or he may have remained there indefinitely.

We were surprised when we heard on two different occasions coyotes howling at the top of the lungs. Each time we remained where we were hiking and just sat and listened to the harmonious desert sounds. They seemed so close but we couldn’t spot them with the naked eye. We did spot a covey of quail with babies firmly in tow behind ma and pa. Is there anything more impressive than kids following their mom and dad? After seeing a few cotton tail rabbits that was it for the wild life this morning.

Lessons learned:

  1. Enjoy the 4th and your day off by hiking and seeing first hand this beautiful desert we live in and all the creatures that call it home
  2. Hydrate before leaving, because the 80 degree temperature changes quickly
  3. Fuel you body with carbs and protein prior to leaving, or as in the case this morning you may not finish the hike you started
  4. My biggest trial, was trying to keep up with an 18 year old and his mother that has been a personal trainer since high school. With my frequent stops for air, I hope they enjoyed the hike as much as I did.

All hikes come to an end and it’s back to the phones so we can serve our royal customers in need of chairs and tables. Someone needs to come up with a ring tone like the harmonious sound of coyotes howling!