Royalty Rentals Journal Entry #6 | Clean up Services

Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share… except when you hire Royalty Rentals to do the bulk of the after party clean up! Whether you are physically, mentally or emotionally drained the last thing you want to do is cleanup after the BIG EVENT.

We clean up after  receptions, birthday parties, reunions and any other type of event you can imagine. That’s why we feel it’s a good idea to keep reminding everyone that we offer clean up services. We will pick up and remove all the trash, bag it and take it with us for a nominal fee. Along with our FREE SET-UP and TAKE-DOWN the only thing you need to worry about is turning off the lights.

We know you may be tempted to ask us to do the dishes while we’re at it, but we haven’t added that to our services as of yet. However, on second thought…. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask. We live to serve!

Weddings and special events are fun to service, we are great at helping you with your royal day! Call us to LET US SERVE YOU at Royalty Rentals 480-525-5104

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