Classy Country Club Reception

Personality is one thing that makes every wedding day so fun and unique. No two couples are the same. For Becca and Derek, personality was a big part of what they hoped would shine through their Country Club Reception, and into the hearts of their guests. They chose to keep their reception traditional, opting  to wear only black and white. Though they kept it traditional, their reception was full of flavor. The couple incorporated polka dots and splashes of yellow throughout their decor.  The centerpieces were made of fresh, full yellow roses accented by hand tied polka dot ribbons. On each table the Bride and Groom placed “Fact Cards.” A thoughtful gesture intended for the out-of-town guests to learn something new about the couple. Each guest was favored with a small glass jar filled to the brim with cheerful lemon head candies. The final, perfect detail came as the Becca and Derek escaped from their reception through a tunnel made of bubble blowing friends and family wishing them an abundance of love and joy throughout their new life together.


Dress: Arizona Bridal

Photography: Tegyn Friedman Photography

Flowers: Toni Gay and Debbie Fiori

Wedding Cake: VG’S Donuts

Bride and Groom:

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