Royalty Rentals Journal – Entry#1

We decided since we now have a blog to share our thoughts on weddings and parties with our viewers, we may as well keep a log of what’s happening on a week to week basis in the company and let you get a peak inside what Royalty Rentals is all about. So… here it goes!

Who is Royalty Rentals?

Royalty Rentals is a family run business headed up by two very intelligent and invigorating owners who both happen to be females and love to plan and attend parties. It’s only the lifting and moving of chairs and tables that necessitate the need for a male influence at Royalty Rentals. The official name of our company is Mrs in Business, dba Royalty Rentals. To date we have moved ample chairs and tables, broken some nails and scuffed a few pair of Royalty Rental purple pumps. Going through the company dress code one would find the required tan khaki shorts or slacks, white monogrammed polo shirt and comfortable shoes.

We Drop Off and Pick Up Anytime!

Rental times for delivering tables and chairs come at all times during the day and night. Ideally, one would prefer to drop off at noon and pick up at 4pm. But if tables and chairs could talk they would say it mattereth not when they seat and serve our royal guests. And we make them live up to this statement. In fact, a couple of delivery personnel had conveniently fallen asleep prior to our midnight run last Saturday to retrieve our company property. We did receive a text on our way home from our pick up asking if everything had gone smoothly, when we replied yes we were told that we shouldn’t be texting while driving, this is true and we will comply by using company email on our hand held devices while driving from now on.

It’s been a great ride so far and as a team we look forward to serving the valley with quality rental chairs and tables and want to hold true to our tag line – Let us serve you!

PS After delivering an order of rental chairs and tables to a nice couple in Mesa, AZ we were asked for our business card and realized that nobody thought to bring a card. So in case you don’t have our card our number is 480-818-8436

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