How Many Rental Folding Tables and Chairs do I Need For My Wedding or Event

Royalty Rentals has the answer for you because this is the most common question we receive when our clients are booking events. First of all you need to determine how many guests will be in attendance. Next, how comfortable do you want your guest to be, and do you want an intimate wedding party or if space is limited and do you need to optimize your event venue.

Round rental  tables are the most popular wedding and event table in todays event planning.  Round rental tables come in basically three sizes: 6′ or 72″, 5′ 0r 60″, 4; or 48″. The most common rental round table for weddings is the 5′. It seats between 6-8 people comfortably and allows for plenty of room for dining and socializing during the event. The 6′ round rental table accomadates 8-10 guests, while the 4′ round table  is best at seating 4 guests. This table also makes for a great wedding cake table.

It is a good practice to leave 4 1/2 feet in between tables when you are thinking about designing your room and table spacing. Also, insure you rental folding round tables come with just two folding legs positioned under the table versus the round folding table with 4 legs that extend to the outer reaches of the diameter of the table. You don’t want your guests battling with table legs during the event.

Popular at many wedding events today is the 4ft bistro table. Guests can stand and enjoy their hors d’oeuvres and beverages while admiring the bride’s dress and how handsome the groom is. These bistro tables also create elevation to enhance the dimension and dynamics of you event.

Rectangular rental folding tables basically come in 8′, 6 ‘ and 4’  and seat  anywhere from 10 t0 4 guests. These rectangular folding tables make for great buffet tables as well as registering guests and and storing gifts. Make your reception fancy by adding some flair with a serpentine folding table to your serving buffet line. Be the first of your friends to customize your event with standard rectangular tables and serpentine folding tables used together to distinguish your reception.

Kindly share your ideas with Royalty Rentals on planning and designing the perfect setting when using folding round, rectangular, bistro and serpentine tables!

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