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tent rentals

Permits may be required for larger tents and costs vary depending on city. Tents are staked to the ground with long steel stakes and require Blue Staking prior to assembly. Customer is responsible for all Blue Staking and permit arrangements (Call 602-263-1100 to make arrangements). Tent weights are required for any tent that will be assembled on a surface that will not accommodate staking (ie. concrete, asphalt…etc.). Larger tents can also be accommodated upon request.

20X20 Peak Tent

-Tension Top

-No Center Pole

-Only 4 Leg Poles

Image shows (2) 20X20 tents together


10’X10′ EZ-Up Tent

Perfect for some quick shade or sporting events!
Total Square Feet: 100
Accommodates: 6-8 people


10’X20′ Frame Tent

Total Square Feet: 200
Accommodates: 16 people (60″ Rd Tables),
32 people (6ft Rectangular Tables)


20’X20′ Frame Tent

Total Square Feet: 400
Accommodates: 32 people (60″ Rd Tables),
48 people (6ft. Rectangular Tables)


20’X30′ Frame Tent

Total Square Feet: 600
Accommodates: 48 people (60″ Rd Tables),
72 people (6ft Rectangular Tables)


20’X40′ Frame Tent

Total Square Feet: 800
Accommodates: 65 people (60″ Rd Tables),
96 people (6ft Rectangular Tables)


Tent Sidewall (Solid White)

$1.75/linear foot

Tent Sidewall (Window)

$3.00/Linear Foot

Tent Weights (for setup on concrete/asphalt surfaces)
  • 350lb Concrete Ballast
  • Must be installed on solid surfaces
  • Appropriate number of ballasts must be used to ensure adequate anchoring per tent-size