The ABCs of What Kind of Party to Throw

Trying hard to think of a theme for your next party? Review the ABC’s of Party Themes below and enjoy your next party whoopin’ it up with one of these fun ideas:

A – American Idol Party ( Who has the best voice in the neighborhood)
B – Back to School Party (Start Planning now)
C – Celebrity Party ( Who will you be?)
D – Dog Party (Bring Rover and show him off)
E – Egyptian Party (Hello Mr. Sphynx)
F – Fiesta Party (Taco’s, Enchiladas, Tamales and more)
G – Game Show Party (Come on down…)
H – Hoe Down (Invite a caller and do some square dancing)
I – Ice Cream Party (It’s hot enough!)
J – Jungle Party (Me Tarzan, you Jane…)
K – Knights of the Round Table (eat with your hands…)
L – Lord of the Rings – (Come barefoot…)
M – Masquerade (How long has it been since you’ve been to one of these baby’s)
N – Nursery Rhyme Party
O – Olympics Party (Break out you toga from college)
P – Pirates of the Caribbean (Wh o will make the best Jack Sparrow?)
Q – Quinceanera (Celebrate womanhood)
R – Rock Star Party – (Did you see Ozzie?)
S – Scrapbook Party – (Set up the tables and start scappin’)
T – Transformers Party (Part 4)
U – Ugly Tie Party (Head down to Goodwill and pick one out)
V – Valentine Party (Ahh…)
W – Western Style Party (The Duke meets the Rifle Man)
X – X-Man Party
Y – Yoga Party (Namaste’)
Z – Zorro Party (Invite Kathryn Zeta-Jones)

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